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Welcome to Super Pet & Garden Centre

Whether you're a plant or animal lover, we've got you covered! Find items to cater to your lush garden and feed and care for your furry companion. Swell your green thumb with the right tips and products! Make your pet the happiest it has been with our stock focused on nutrition and comfort. Top it all off with decoration your home, indoors and out!

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What We Do

Located at 128 Constant Spring Road, the Super Pet & Garden Centre was established to focus on the nurturing of two of the world’s living beauties – plants and animals. We aim to provide consumers with the leading product brands to care for their beloved pets and gardens. Customers may purchase plants and pets, necessities and accessories for both, as well as outdoor decor to enhance the beauty of their home and garden.

What We Have


    • Birds
    • Fish
    • Rabbits
    • Tortoises
    • Cages
    • Pet Food
    • Toys
    • Leashes
    • Cages & Tanks
    • Plant Pots
    • Fertilizer
    • Plant Stands
    • Plant Seeds
    • Wall Art
    • Garden Fountains
    • Outdoor Figurines